About VS Art

    Vixon Sullivan is a ceramic artist living and working in Hattiesburg, MS. His work addresses a sensitivity to native pride and individuality. It consists of various formats of handcrafted Magnolias that he constantly reproduces. Sullivan is intrigued by the enlightening analogies found in nature. The basis of his connection with flowers can be summed up by this quote from Buddha “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change” These small miracles symbolizes beauty, individuality, liberality, and locality.

He is intrigued by the growth process, how they decorate fields, and how they are given as a symbol of endearment. Inspired by the love of flowers and passion for nature, it's his intention to create a memorable experience of style, color, and life when his work leaves the studio. The inspiration he uses, reflect his desire to speak to the world around him. In his work, he uses common symbols, the language that he uses to initiate a conversation between his inner self and his body of work.

    Sullivan’s education includes a Bachelor’s of Arts and Letters from the University of South Mississippi in Advertising with a focus on design and a minor in Art. His education continues with a list workshops and classes taken within the southern region of the United states. After years of creating art for gifts and to personalize his space, Vixon turned his hobby into a profession. As a primary source of income Vixon travels the southern region to participate in artist markets. In combination with participating in markets, he attends trade shows, festivals, group shows, and sells online and in stores. After only two years in the art industry, Sullivan has an art presence in 4 cities within Mississippi and 2 surrounding states. Between art market and online sales, he has distributed work internationally. He continued his passion for teaching by conducting workshops and occasionally, private lessons.

    In 2012, Vixon joined the South Mississippi art Association and took a leadership role as the Newsletter editor. He now serves as President of the organization. He dedicates numerous hour each month to promoting artist development and art appreciation within the community. As a result of being so heavily involve Sullivan was commissioned to create a monument sign as a land marker for the redevelopment of East Hattiesburg. In the years of 2011-2014 Vixon has orchestrated and hosted 4 SMAA art shows for the city of Hattiesburg with nearly a 1000 attendees each year. Vixon explains “ For me, art is about positively contributing to the environment around me” Sullivan has received awards an much recognition for his work and community involvement. His work has been exhibited in 4 solo shows and has been auctioned off to benefit 4 different charities..