Artist Statement

    Art fulfills my natural desires to perform and communicate with the world around me. My primary reason for creating art is to provide personalization to ordinary spaces. Additionally, I use my art to transmit my inner vision to the outer reality—to speak about what is important to me. When creating, I combine these two motives by reinforcing common symbols and personal functionality.

    Flowers are my main inspiration. These small miracles symbolize beauty, individuality, liberality and locality. I am intrigued by the growth process, how they decorate fields, and how we give them as a symbol of endearment. Inspired by the love of flowers and passion for nature, it is my intention to create a memorable experience of style and color. Specifically, I am inspired by the strong, elegant magnolia, and each piece from the Magnolia Collection is one of a kind. Working in ceramics gives the delicate subject matter a durability and strength. Each sculpture is handcrafted of porcelain. The smooth nature of porcelain allows me to capture the delicate characteristic and the intricate details of the flower. These magnolia sculptures take on different functions to satisfy fashion, home décor and collectible needs. Whether the sculpture is the size of a coin or the width of a tire, my intentions are to mimic the sentiment of giving a bouquet of flowers.

Sculpting these specialized pieces demonstrates my individuality as well as the pride I feel for my Southern heritage.